Happy Mrs Dahlia is the child of watercolorist Taniya Varshney. She is an Indian Artist and Designer based in Atlanta, GA. Taniya completed her Bachelors in Communication Design where she got particularly excited with the modern techniques and evolution of graphic design, Photography and Film Making. But what she was most excited was how to still have a human touch or the element of imperfection which sometimes lacked in modern day graphic design. After pursuing a career in Visual Design and User Experience Design she always felt the urge to go back and create something with hand, something which gave more voice to her passion for nature, a true and never ending love for flowers, why they existed and what they really meant in our lives and to the world. In her body of work she also explores the other elements of nature, the beauty of the universe and how everything has come to be from the ground up. She is constantly trying to express the human connection with nature in the form of movement, color and expression of mark making. Each piece starts off with a blank sheet of paper, a few brushes, watercolor paint and a strong inspiration from nature. It is a ballet of water doing its own dance along with an orchestration by fast and swift brush strokes with watercolor which ends up creating magical and unique art pieces. 

Taniya is a believer of nature and its beauty never fails to amaze and excite her. Happy Mrs Dahlia is born out of nature and gives life to a tangible form of inspiration to keep near you and make your spaces warm and inviting like the great outdoors. Taniya's art is spontaneous and usually is a strong depiction of color, movement and expression. She hopes to unfold the beauty of nature and explore water based media to create pieces which are symbolic to memories of nature we create everyday.